gratitude day 21...

This "attitude of gratitude" challenge is really touching my heart. Not only coming up with my own thankfulness posts, but in reading others. Why do we only do this once a year? Why not challenge yourself to thank God for your blessings every single day? Turn those complaints into THANKS!

Today I am thankful for LAUGHTER!! Even as I am typing this, my boys are laughing boisterously while playing! I love it!

Everyone loves a good laugh. It's contagious, too! I love tickling my little ones until they are laughing so hard they can't even breath! It's a wonderful thing!

I love it when we are all watching a funny show and we all laugh simultaneously! That really touches my heart. Laughter is one of God's most precious gifts!

And a good belly laugh is great for your abdominal muscles! So laugh on my friends!!


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