gratitude challenge day 17...

Today I am grateful for my brother John. He's 15months my junior. When we were growing up, people always asked my mom if we were twins. HA!

Johnny was and is a "macho" man, or at least that's how I see him. He's a "manly man!" LOL!
He has the swagger, and the mouth to go along with it. I remember Johnny always fighting with our brother Joey. But when someone outside of our family was bullying Joey, Johnny stepped up to protect him. Such brotherly love was rarely shown...but definitely known.

John is hard core on the outside, but I know he has a good heart. John is also sensitive...even though he won't admit to that. He makes me laugh! He's got a corny and sometimes graphic sense of humor! But I love him for it. He's the most like our dad...inside and out! Especially now-a-days with no hair! HAHAHA!

me and my brother, John

One of the craziest memories I have of him was when he kicked in the new screen door! We always fought, but on this day, we were bickering quite a lot, and he was not supposed to go outside (my mom and dad were both working). He decided he wanted to go out. I told him if he went outside, that I would lock the door and he wouldn't get back in until mom got home. I was pushing his buttons for sure! Well, he went out, and I locked the door. A few minutes later, he wanted to come back in. Well, I wouldn't unlock the door. He said if I didn't unlock the door, he would kick it in! LOL! I certainly didn't think he would do that! I didn't, he did! He kicked the screen door so hard, he dented it in. I opened the door and gasped! John proceeded to get my dad's hammer to try to fix the door! But only made it worse of course. My dad was pretty upset when he came home for lunch that day. We got into a great deal of trouble over that.

Recently, John completed his schooling to become a police officer in Florida. I am so proud of him! At age 46, he has achieved one of his life-long dreams! Good for you John! I know mom and dad would be proud of you too.

I wish we lived closer so that my boys could get to know you better. I love you, and I am so thankful for you, my brother from the same mother! ;)

my crazy brother, John


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