day 6...

I am very grateful for a fun day of crafting, fellowship, food and FUN at Temple Baptist Church.

craft4love was to benefit LOVE146, an organization who's main agenda is to prevent and abolish child sex slavery and exploitation all over the world. A just and worthy cause for sure!

photo by Danielle Burkleo

Danille Burkleo and her husband Caleb have taken on the awesome responsibility of heading up the LOVE146 task force at our church. I feel very blessed to know Danielle. She has wonderful, god-given talents that are truly amazing. Check out her blog and you'll see what I mean.

The day of crafting started at 9:30am. My MIL graciously took the boys for the day! (She's another person I am blessed to have in my life!) There was a luscious breakfast waiting for us, along with displays of the crafts we were going to try to accomplish that day. There were also bundles of GAW-jess things being raffled off (all to benefit LOVE146, of course).

photo by Danielle Burkleo

For me, the yarn wreath was the most challenging. I've never attempted one before, but I absolutely LOVE the look! I think the trick is to roll your yarn up into a ball first ;) Something I will definitely do when I attempt my 2nd one! (and I still have to finish the flowers for mine!)

yarn wreath

There were several other crafts, along with a fabulous lunch spread from Carrabba's Italian Grill (Latham, NY). And Pastor Matt Miller of LOVE146 gave us some suggestions on how we could help within our own community/church.

It all ended at 4pm. I came away with a bag full of beautiful crafts and goodies. But mostly I came away from this day with a renewed sense of hope for these girls (craft4love raised over $1700), and a heart full of inspiration!

pom pom fabric necklace

fabric flower pins
paper accordion ornaments

book page bird ornament

bias tape rosette earrings 
book page tree

Christmas banner

I am thankful to be a part of something BIG, and I hope you look into what you can do in your neck of the woods as well! <3

(p.s. you can click on the caption of each craft photo to get a tutorial of the craft..except for the banner)


  1. this is a terrific post, mare! love the pictures and the links...what a wonderful day it was!! :)

  2. Awesome! What is the base for the yarn wreath? Please post some pics when you put flowers on it! What a fun filled day! And what a blessing your MIL is to keep the boys! I'm definitely going to check out Danielle's blog.

  3. sherry - we used a 12 inch straw wreath, but we're wondering if a smoother wreath would allow better coverage with the yarn?


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