day 10!

I am thankful for my MIL, Jill. A strong-willed, bitter woman who was transformed (even just a little) by her grand-babies!

grandma Jill-she doesn't like her photo taken too often

When I say bitter, I say that with compassion. She had an awful childhood. She does tend to hang onto the past and not let it go...hence the bitterness. Sometimes, I cannot blame her...and sometimes I pray that she softens her heart. I truly believe all that bitterness and hard-heartedness is making her physically ill.

Jill and I hit it off right away! We talked on the phone almost every day after the boys were born, and visited often. She so loves her grandsons! It was nice to have that relationship in place after my own mom passed away two years ago.

She has been our number one to call on for child care over the years. However, her health has been failing these last couple of years, and so we try to look elsewhere now for child care.

She admittedly spoils my boys. She once told me (after I had given her my thoughts on how she over does it on Christmas and birthdays), "Don't tell me how to spend my money!" Whoa! OK!

Jill is outspoken and at times pretty rough on the edges. But she's the sweetest grandma to my boys and I love her for that!

She sews them new pj's every Christmas, and used to make them stuffed animals and quilts. The boys have gotten away from the stuffed animals, but really enjoy the pj's every year.

Although she cannot "go" places with them, she often plays games with them (like bingo, cards, etc). She does what she can.

She says she believes in God, but I don't think she knows Jesus. I pray every day for her salvation, and I thank God for my MIL.


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