bittersweet memories...

today i gave away one of the last signs that toddlers lived here...our little primary colored picnic table :(

goodbye sweet toddlers

goodbye binkies 
goodbye stained blouse
goodbye toddlers in the house

goodbye little hands 
goodbye little feet
goodbye to rocking babies, oh so sweet

goodbye Wiggles
goodbye Pooh lamp
goodbye to potty training boot camp

goodbye sippy cups
goodbye clothes so small
goodbye to scribbles on the wall

goodbye tiny table
goodbye little chairs

goodbye to signs of toddlers ... everywhere.


  1. Oh so bittersweet. They grow up fast! Did you shed tears while writing this post? ((HUGS))

  2. Oh no! That must be very bittersweet.
    My Cass has a little book that has a prayer: 'Thank you God for my memories, so that precious times and people I love stay in my heart forever.' Your post reminded me of it.

  3. awww! that is so sweet Lauren! Thank you for sharing that precious prayer with me. i am definitely reminded how our wonderful, infinitely wise Father, has given us the gift of memory. <3


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