being 7

So, here it is day 7 of being grateful. What am I thankful for today? another day to begin anew.

That was then...

I have been struggling with my weight most of my life. My struggle started after high school when I went away to college. Late night Pizzas, alcohol binges, and lack of exercise, crept up on me and I gained weight so easily. Taking that weigh off was not as difficult as I thought it would be...but I was 20 years old. I worked out 6 days a week and lifted weights. During the week, my meals were only 10% fat calories, and on the weekend I ate whatever I wanted to...and danced my butt off at the clubs!
That lifestyle lasted about 10 years.

This is now...

Fast forward another 17 years. Now I am a wife of 10yrs, and a mom of 3 boys. I gained a whopping 60lbs with my first baby and only lost about 30 of it when baby #2 came along. After baby #2, I struggled to lose the weight, but managed to get the 30lbs that I initially lost back off again. Then baby #3 comes along. Again, I struggled.

When I turned 45, I said enough was enough and decided that I would throw myself into getting in shape once again. I joined the YMCA, and hired a personal trainer. I lost about 20lbs and I felt great! That was 2 years ago.

I gained back 10 of those pounds, and have been fluctuating ever since. I am disgusted and fed up. It's much more difficult to lose weight at this age than I ever imagined! I keep thinking I am 20 and can just dance it off! LOL! But that isn't going to cut it anymore. I have about 40lbs to lose...and I want to do it before I turn 50.

I am in a position to change my eating habits and work out a few times a week. I am thankful for that.
Now I just need to keep motivated and work hard at it!

Lately, I am hearing so many people are getting sick. Having strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, cancer. I thank God for my health and I want to glorify Him in staying healthy and treating my body as the temple He meant for it to be. I want to be around to play with my grandchildren...and have the energy to run with them!

Today, I am thankful for second chances!


  1. Oh Mare, thank you for sharing. I know you can do this, and I am here rooting you on! Love you!!

  2. thanks K! it's good to have some support!


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