Almost 29!

It's really been a challenge to fit all that I am grateful for in these last days of November.
The weather has been unlike fall in the Northeast! But I am enjoying it. 

I am so thankful for organization...and the small gift of it that God has given me!

It's been a super day of organization in my house! Blaring some WOW Christian music on the stereo (yes, we still have one of those), and sipping the occasional coffee/tea/water.

I did take a break to write this blog, and to eat. HA!

I love to have a place for everything and to have everything in it's boys, well not so much!

I have organized and re-organized their STUFF for what seems like an eternity of days...and still I find that there is stuff that doesn't seem to have a place. But don't get rid of it mom! we want to keep it mom! please don't throw it out mom! ugh.

Well, I am almost done...for this day that is. I'm sure a week or two down the road I will have to re-organize something.  But for now at least I can feel that I have accomplished what I wanted to today.


  1. I love organization too Mare! Its a constant challenge. Getting out the Christmas decor from last year, well, :-( I see how unorganized I am at putting the stuff away. This year will be different though. Its going back to the attic in a organized way after Christmas!!! This coming year 2012 is the YEAR of getting it together!
    This post is right on time! LoVe it!

  2. Yippppeee!!! Hooray for organization!! :)


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