28? really?

No, that's not my age! Hahaha! It's day 28 of gratitude!

I am nearing the end of this gratitude challenge. Just a couple more days to go. I will need a break after this!

Today I am thankful for social media. I used to think that blogging, Facebook, and smart phones were a waste of time and money better spent elsewhere...and that is still true if you spend ALL of your time and money invested in these things, or if you use these things inappropriately.

I think social media has its place. It's a way to stay connected with family and friends, near and far. Sharing our lives in ways we never have before! Sharing my faith, my interests, photos, news...little tidbits of life. With one stroke of the "enter" button, I can reach hundreds. That's remarkable.

And as long as I can manage to stay within a reasonable time limit, and keep Christ first in my life, I will be using social media to connect with the people in my life :)  How about you?


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