25 days giving thanks...

I am thankful for MOPS! You can read my MOPS story here.

When I first went to MOPS, I didn't like it. I felt like an outsider. But I stuck it out, and eventually felt more at ease and made some dear friends. 

MOPS helped me to realize that I was not alone; that moms make mistakes and it's OK; that a little grace goes a long way.

MOPS has also helped me to step out in my faith. To boldly go where I dare not tread before! To that place of public speaking and leadership. God has a sense of humor let me tell you! I dare not say, "I'm afraid" of something, because God might just push me in that direction!

But seriously, I am thankful for what God is doing through our MOPS group, and through MOPS International. Because as moms, we are shaping the future generation, and we need all the help we can get! 

As the slogan goes, "better moms make a better world!" 


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