16 days!

Today I am thankful for my sister Joanne. The red-headed, freckle-faced, crazy, fun-loving woman of our family!

She is also passionate about family! Gee, that kind of runs through us all! I guess we get that from our parents =)

Jo was also a troubled teen. I remember when she ran away from home. I missed her so much! After my older two sisters left, she was the only sister left to share things with. I always wanted to hang out with her, but being the "younger" sister, she didn't always want me hanging around. I don't blame her! I was always turning her in! LOL!

I remember one day while we were out exploring, we followed this guy into an open window in a gas station. He robbed the cash register, and set off the alarm! My sister grabbed the bag of pennies that was sitting on the counter.  hahaha! We couldn't get back out the window because we were too little, so we hid under the tow truck that was in the garage bay! oh my! I was terrified when the police and the owners came running in!
Of course they saw us there...BUSTED! and Joanne told me not to tell them where we lived. I was too scared not to tell! haha! Anyway, we survived.

I also remember another terrible incident we shared. We were walking in the woods near our home, and Joanne stepped on a ground bee nest! All of a sudden we were being stung! We ran home with a hundred bees chasing us! By the time we got home, we had been stung at least a dozen or more times!
To this day, I am afraid of bees!

Fast-forward to present day...

When my mom passed away, Joanne couldn't handle it. It broke her. It was the proverbial straw.
She may not be thankful for that right at this moment, but it saved her life. She accepted Jesus as her savior not long after that.

Once again, I am reminded of Pastor Matt Eachus' words, "God does not help those who help themselves. He helps those who come to the end of themselves and realize that they cannot help themselves."

I love you Jo! I am thankful for all the memories we've shared...especially the crazy ones!
I am so grateful that you are my sister in blood and in spirit!


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