October 1st has come and gone!

the first full week of October has already started. the leaves are already falling in droves! with all this rain and cold nights, i think the leaves will be off the trees before their peak!

anyway, LOTS to do with school in full swing, and yard work to do. we still have the back deck to finish and to do something with that shed (the roof caved in last winter) before the snow flies!

we did manage to get the garage cleared out once more, so i can now park my car in there! yay!
but i have yet to paint the wicker furniture. oh well.

MOPS is keeping me busy lately, along with 2 book studies (Shepherding a Child's Heart, and Discerning the Voice of God).

my house desperately needs dusting and my back porch/mud room is a disaster!

to top all this off, i really need to go through the boys' toys again. i know i will have some free-bees soon!

in the midst of all this busy-ness, i really want to be quiet and just listen for God's voice and direction.
i need to hear Him. i need His reassurance and love.

and just as a last note...Nick stayed in service on sunday to partake in the Lord's Supper with us. it was so awesome to watch him in his obedience to the Lord. what a blessing that was!


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