a new school year..(post two)

"back to school" is in full swing now! it feels kind of strange at times not having my boys home 6 hours a day. but on the other hand, it feels good that i can accomplish some tasks sans 3 boys underfoot!

homework is once again an "issue," as no one likes to do it, including my first grader, who's rather new to the whole concept.

our weekly schedule is falling nicely into place, and our weekends are our own, as all 3 boys have opted out of fall sports this year. YAY!

Stephen has been wanting to get involved in other extra-curricular activities this year, such as chorus, art club, KC (kindness & caring) club, and a 4H baking club (which only meets once a month). joy. i already had to remind him that if he could not get his regular school homework done, he may have to drop one of his activities! well, that put a fire under his bottom! LOL!

Jacob is having some difficulty making the transition from phonics to actual spelling of words. i just do not like phonics. i wish they would do away with that method of teaching. it just confuses him. Jake is a social master already! he loves his teacher and his classmates. he talks on and on about who he sits with and what they did during recess, etc. i wish he were that enthusiastic about his spelling homework :)

Nick is in 4th grade. my word! his cursive writting is so precise, it's scary! he's not into anything extra this year, unless you consider bey blades and star wars "extra." LOL! he's still not a social being. at times, he comes home a bit down trodden. i pray that this year he makes a good friend. Nick also decided to play the trombone this year. he's very excited about it, and has his 1st lesson wednesday. oh boy!

So, for the most part, we are off to a good start to this school year. here's hoping that the rest of the year is just as good!


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