MOPS! (post three)

...and then there's MOPS!

for my church, MOPS meets the 1st and 3rd fridays of the month starting in October. we had a great success with our 2nd annual drive-thru registration! at least 25 moms registered that day!

this year, i am continuing to help out with crafts and the newsletter.  AND on a larger scale, i have taken on the volunteer position of Community Networker for the Albany/Hudson Valley and Central NY area MOPS!

i am excited about all of the above, but i know it's going to take some scheduling on my part to keep everything in check and flowing in the right direction. i hope i can handle it all!

i believe in MOPS. through MOPS, i have learned that i am an "average" mom. i am not alone in my struggles. i have made some very good and close friends through the MOPS ministry. i have drawn closer to Christ. i have reached out to others when i thought i did not have it in me. MOPS has truly been a wonderful ministry for me and to me.

if you have a MOPS group near you, you should go check them out! if you don't know of one, check out MOPS International to find one in your area. you'll be glad you did!


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