the end of summer, a new school year and MOPS! (in three posts) post one:

suddenly, life is busier! those lazy days of summer have gone and the boys are back to school, i'm back to the Y, and MOPS is kicking off soon!

we spent our last summer days up in Bar Harbor ME. we initially thought the trip wasn't going to happen due to the devastation left behind from hurricane/tropical storm Irene. But we took a different route and drove on up.

we were all excited for the trip. it took a whole day...literally 12 hours! to get there. we were exhausted when we finally arrived, but the boys just HAD to go swimming! it was like 50 degrees! crazy people!

the next day we decided to try to find the Oceanarium that we visited when we honeymooned up there 10yrs ago. instead of asking for directions, we relied on our sense of remembrance (if you call it that) and Mrs. Garmin (GPS lady)...Hank calls her "Martha!" haha!

Martha sent us on an excursion to southwest harbor that lasted 40min! we knew we were in trouble when we got to the Oceanarium and it was CLOSED...for good! we all had a meltdown...yes, even the adults! because who wants to spend all that time driving when it took you a whole day to get up there!

we decided to just head back to Bar Harbor and go up Cadillac Mountain. what a gorgeous day for it, too! God knew what He was doing, even if we didn't!

after this, the boys just HAD to swim in the ocean! off we went to Sand Beach in Acadia National Park...the only place to swim along this rocky coast. immediately i was terrified because of a sign that said "DANGEROUS SURF!" the tide was coming in! and the park ranger said it was only going to get worse! oh boy! the mommy in me wanted to haul them out of there! but daddy kept them close to the shore only knee deep in the water. they were only there for about 20 min when Jake sat on the beach and a huge wave came in and swept him around and out! yikes! that was it for me! out of the water guys!

other highlights of our trip included exploring the sand bar at low tide and hiking up to the top of bar island, eating lunch out on the pier overlooking the harbor, having a "fancy" dinner out at The Chart Room (my fav!), exploring the Oceanarium/lobster hatchery, a walk along the marsh, taking in the breathtaking sites of Acadia National Park, perusing the many shops in downtown Bar Harbor in the evening, and whitnessing the wonderous sight of the sunrising on the top of Cadillac Mountain! awe inspiring!

on our way home, we decided to check out the Penobscott Narrows Bridge and Observatory, and Fort Knox (no, not the gold one!). a spontaneous and FUN detour!

 of course, the boys had to swim in the hotel pool as often as possible! LOL! it was just WAY too cool for me!

we were sad to leave Bar Harbor behind, but i am certain we will return...maybe in another 10yrs? ;)


  1. Mare, great pics! I've never been to that part of the country, and its on my wish list. Glad you made it despite Irene, and glad you had a fantabulous time with your fam :)

  2. who says you arent a good photographer - those pictures are amazing!!! looks like you guys had a blast - i wish we could have gone too!!

  3. thanks Esther!
    and Sam...that means a lot coming from you! i think taking pics of the landscape is much easier than pics of people! you rock when it comes to that!

  4. Wonderful pics! They make Bar Harbor look VERY inviting! :)


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