time to make the coffee...


i love coffee! some may even say that i have an unhealthy obsession with coffee.
if i don't have my 3-4 cups a day, i just might have caffeine withdrawal!

this past week was VBS (vacation bible school) at our church. the theme was "God is Wild About Us!"
Pandamania! i really liked the theme this year, and the music was AWESOME!

my boys and i have been attending VBS at our church for the last 3 years now. i have also helped out with the preschoolers all three years. the preschoolers can be quite challenging! but it's really fun to watch them drink it all in! and this year was no exception...

VBS is from 9am-12pm, mon-fri. but the volunteers have to be there at 8:15am for devotional, prayer & announcements. what that means for me? it means getting up at 6:30am, getting my 3 boys up & prompting them to get dressed, packing an on-the-go breakfast & snacks, and getting out of the house by 7:40am the latest!

some mornings went smoother than others. there was one day when i only had one cup of coffee that morning. by the time 11am hit, i was really feeling the caffeine withdrawal. but i got through it! (and when i got home that day, the very first thing i did was make a cup of coffee! haha!)

we all made it through the week and had a great time to boot! will i volunteer again next year? probably...
but i'm going to make sure i get my caffeine quota each morning! :)


  1. thank you for working so hard - it was so comforting to send logan into your arms since i couldnt help this year - love you!!

  2. you are so welcome! he really is a joy!


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