Stephen turns eight!

with another July's like Christmas in July here at our house! Stephen is eight years old today. and, just like with Nick, i cannot believe it!

Stephen has grown so much over this past year! he's already in a size 7-8!
He used to follow Nick around...whatever Nick was doing, Stephen had to get into it as well. they were inseparable!  nowadays, Stephen is his own man. he has his own friends and has his own likes. but he still plays with Nick often.
He has always been the goof ball...and still is today!

Stephen says he wants to join the Navy and be an electrician ... just like daddy.  that warms my heart. he loves his dad very much.  even though we butt heads often, he's such a joy in my life!

Happy Birthday Stephen James Rowinski!


  1. What handsome boys you have! Happy Birthday Stephen!

  2. Happy Birthday, Stephen! God bless you!

  3. Happy Birthday, Stephen! I pray God blessed you abundantly on Saturday and will continue to bless you through the next year!


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