Nick turns NINE!

today my oldest son turns nine years old! WOW! he's very excited to be 9 and going into the fourth grade!
it makes my head spin because i can remember his birthday very well. 
it was an awesome day! only 3hrs 55min of labor.  he wanted out! LOL

he eventually grew a thick head of springy curls, which quickly disappeared after his first haircut :(
but he still has that sweet smile, that wonderful calm disposition, and a kind heart that makes loving him very easy.  *sigh*

i cannot wait to see what God has in store for my oldest "little" man :)
Happy 9th Birthday Nicholas Andrew! 


  1. Oh I love the photos! Happy Birthday Nick! Did he have a good day?

    You've given me a reality check about how much my chubby littlies are going to change over the coming years!

  2. hey girl! one of our girls turned 9 this year too. crazy how quickly time flies :)


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