august already?

july flew by! as in Simon & Garfunkel's song "April Come She Will" it says: "july she will fly, and give no warning to her flight." boy did she ever! hahaha!

the boys are loving their swim lessons. and you can't beat the price=FREE! Jake is no longer afraid to get his face wet and go underwater! yay!

Nick and Stephen are another year older, and our house has a back deck on it! we also have our geo-thermal system up and running....ahhhhh....central air! that's one way to beat the heat!
there are a few more outdoor, as well as indoor, projects to complete, but we are getting there.

Jake and Nick took gymnastics at our church's summer school class in july, and Jake has been trying to do handstands on his own ever since! Stephen took the non-cook food class and loved that he got to eat what he made! LOL! i helped out in the card making class and really enjoyed it. 

august will prove to be a bit of a busy month with swim lessons finishing up, VBS, wednesday evening summer school at church again, a weekend trip to VT, and finally 3 days and 2 nights up in Bar Harbor Maine!

some of this was planned and some of this was spontaneous planning...if there is such a thing! haha!
i would have also loved to take the boys back to Howe Caverns and also to Ausable Chasms this summer, but i'm not sure if we will find the time or the funds to go.

for me personally, this past month has been quite a challenge. taking care of the boys, the house, and working our schedule around the projects and workers coming in and out of the house. with all that on my plate, i chose to take on a volunteer position with MOPS International as Community Networker for the Albany/Hudson Valley area and Central NY area MOPS.

i have been in training this past month and we plan to go live with our blogs and such in august. it's been quite a ride, and i am not sure that i am ready, but i trust in God to lead me where he would want me to use my talents for his glory.

to tell you the truth, i am glad that july is over! shhhhh...don't tell the boys!


  1. I think you may just be busier than me! I'm glad you enjoyed July and are looking forward to August. Make sure I get a link to your MOPS blog because I don't have a MOPS here and I would love to follow!


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