a point of view...

if i have a point of view, is it not worth sharing?
or do i just keep my lips sealed?
and if i happen to tell you my point of view, do you always feel the need to "correct" me as if i am wrong?
when a subject matter is not black and white, not written in stone, not specifically spelled out in the Bible,
it's up for individual interpretation.
many factors will influence your point of view...your heritage, your religion, your life experiences...the list is endless.
everything doesn't have to be argued to a finite answer...or argued just for the sake of arguing. can't we just agree to disagree?
it gets pretty exhausting after a while.  so exhausting in fact, that i don't want to give my point of view anymore for fear of someone taken offense to it and arguing endlessly...ugh.


  1. love you mare! you can share your opinion with me any time ;)

  2. I like hearing other people's opinions, but that doesn't stop me from sharing mine as well if I happen to disagree. My hope is to not come off as "correcting", but I know it has been misunderstood as that sometimes. It's a fine line to walk when wanting to express your opinion and make it not feel like a debate.

  3. i hear you Darcy! but i can tell when a person is just in it for the sake of arguing...can't you?
    anyway, it's something i need to watch also!


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