i have no idea why i haven't been writting...could it be writer's block?
i certainly have enough to write about ... i think.
subject matter... content... wordage... length... what does it matter?
am i trying to be witty?  comical?  philosphical?  IDK.

all i know is that it's June 1st already!  and the school year ends soon...
with summer, birthdays, BBQs, swimming, all just around the corner.
not to mention the end of year activities at the school, like concerts, field day, field trips!  oh!  and baseball!! baseball season will be ending just around the time school is out...with a parade, picnic and the handing out of trophies.  then there's father's day and a huge yard sale at church to throw in the mix!

June will prove to be a busy month indeed!


  1. i hear ya! sometimes we're just too busy living life to write about it, you know? enjoy this busy time :)


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