the end of the school year....

so today marks the end of the school year, 2010-2011.  it's really hard to believe that next fall i will have a fourth grader, a third grader and a FIRST grader!! no more little ones...but still lots of FIRSTS!!  i love firsts!!

this past school year went by way too fast in my opinion.  it seems like only yesterday i put Jacob on the "big bus" for the first time... 

and saw my two older boys, Stephen and Nicholas, sporting their "grown up" messenger bags!

the school year was filled with wonderful DISNEY, Nick & Stephen's baptism, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but also heart-wrenching surgery for Stephen and Jacob (with the removal of their tonsils & adenoids) and orthodontic work for Nicholas (with expanders and now braces). 

our schedules have been packed full with school activities (book fairs, bake sales, trips, parties, KC Club, chess club), sports (soccer, baseball, t-ball), church activities, family and friends.

with summer approaching, i don't know about you...but i am so looking forward to some freedom, spontaneous fun, minimal scheduling, and lazy evenings!!


  1. This year has gone so fast for me too! Enjoy those handsome sons of yours!


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