MOPS and what it means to me...

MOPS is a chance to make some new friends;
it's a bond that you hope will never come to an end.
it's eating and praying and a chance to chat...
but MOPS is oh, so much more than that!
it's a chance to meet others who are in the same boat,
who share advice to help stay afloat,
in this "mini-you" world that takes up your whole day,
so you don't feel alone and won't run away!
it's a place where your children are kept safe and sound,
while you can enjoy the other moms around...
a story, a craft, a fellowship shared,
a look, a smile, a sweet little prayer.
Christ in our lives spread out over all,
a light that shines for the big and the small.
i'm always sad when MOPS year comes to an end,
it's like saying good-bye to a dear, sweet friend.
but alas when a new year of MOPS begins,
there's another chance to make even more friends!
another story, or craft or even a book...
you'll love it, i come take a look!


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