i remember that day...

it's hard to believe another mother's day approaches...
as i sorted and sifted through the mom's day cards, i couldn't help but feel like something was missing...
of course i knew what it was, i just didn't want my mind to go there.
and as i sit here alone this evening, more and more my mind goes there...to those memories of my mom.
calling her on the evening before mom's day, just so i could be the first to wish her a happy mother's day.
taking her out to lunch or coffee or shopping.  sharing our life. 
i remember one day...a special time for me...my mom and i went to dinner at Mangia's in Albany before a performance of Stars on Ice, at the then called Pepsi Arena. 
we loved watching figure skating together...especially the winter olympics.  and when we didn't watch it together, we called each other while we were watching it from separate places.
it was something we shared an interest in...and loved to share with each other.  so having that special evening at Stars on Ice was such a thrill for me.    i knew my mom was uncomfortable in those seats at the arena...but she gave up her comfort for me that night.  she knew that it meant the world to me that she was there with me, enjoying one of our passions. 
i will never forget that evening.  i will always carry that memory.  i still have the program from that performance.
after two years without mom, i still cannot bring myself to watch figure skating through to the olympics.  i don't even know who's who in figure skating anymore.  it's not that i get all depressed or anything (although i do feel melancholy)...it's just that it's not as exciting to me, because there's no one to share it with who had the same passion as mom and me had.  and that's ok.
it's just one thing of many that i hold dear to my heart.  and i will never, ever let it go.
love you mom.


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