bad boys, time flies, and PIZZA!

what an evening i had! i already knew that this evening would be a time cruncher, but i had no idea how much!
so here's what went down...
for some background, Hank had to work and doesn't get home until 6:30pm.  i had a court appointment for my speeding ticket at 6pm this evening, and Jake had a t-ball game scheduled for 6pm as well.
to make all this work, we enlisted my FIL to take the boys to the field, and Hank would meet them there, and i would in turn go to my court appointment. 
we could have easily told Jake that he had to miss his game, but it was his very first one of the season, and we didn't have the heart.  so my FIL graciously said it wouldn't be a problem to take the boys to the field.
(and need i say that trusting the boys to my FIL's care is a GIANT step for me!)
so ... time is flying by... the boys get home from school and go out to play with friends... and i order a pizza for dinner because i know i will not be able to just throw something together when we are all flying out of the house at 5:30!
at 4:50, i leave to pick up the pizza.  i give the boys specific orders to pick up the yard, go inside, wash their hands, and Nick & Stephen were to start their homework.
as i turn the corner on my way home from pizza pick-up, there are the neighborhood boys taking tree limbs from our pile of rubbish and using them like swords on each other.  eek gads!  so i kindly ask them to put the sticks back on the pile.  (all but one follow through.,,i will get to that later!)
well, the yard wasn't picked up completely (mostly, but not completely), the hands weren't washed, and the homework wasn't even started! and it was already 5:10!
as i am setting the table and the boys are washing up, i glance out the window to see one boy still wielding a stick! ugh! must i be the village mom every day??  so i sit my boys down, give them their dinner, say a quick prayer and have them start i go outside to reprimand that stick-wielding boy.
once again, i firmly but kindly ask him to put the stick down.
i go back to start eating my own dinner, and there's a knock on the door.
evidently, two other boys found it necessary to tell me that the stick-wielding boy called me a bee with an itch and an a-hole.  not so nice.  i was furious.  so i said nice filthy mouth to myself.  thanked the boys and sent them on their way.  i then proceeded to call the stick boy's mom to let her know what a filthy mouth her son had...and  that i did not appreciate him speaking with disrespect to me, etc. i have no doubt that she meant it when she appologized to me for him, however i do not believe she really cared.
i finally sat back down again to gulp some food down, when there comes another knock on the door! seriously!!??  the same boys come back to tell me that the boy was still chasing them with a stick.
ok...boys, i do not have time for this..go tell his mother!
deep breath here.
it's now 5:22...and my boys are still eating and Jake has to get into his t-ball uniform! 
i didn't have time to clean up, just get the boys and their stuff into FIL's car and take off myself. 
it was now 5:40pm! i had 20 min to get to Stillwater Town Court! 
i did make it with 3 min to spare..and didn't even speed!  haha!
whew! i am so glad that i have Jesus in my heart, because without His strength, i would have totally lost it today!


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