what service means to me...

did you know that dictionary.com lists 13 meanings for the word "service?" whoa!
i don't know about all those; i just know what service means to me.
service to me is something more than just performing a duty or doing something to help someone.
service is a comittment...to God, to the person, and to myself.
service is a way to help others to bring forth the glory of God.
service is a way to SHINE God's light in this otherwise dreadfull world.
service is providing help to someone without expectations.

S = sacrifice your time and yourself for another person's need.
E = everyone should be in service to everyone else.
R = rise above the world's view of "me, myself and i."
V = vital: service is vital in this fallen world.
I  = instant feeling of joy when you help someone in need.
C = cornerstone: service should be a cornerstone in your walk with God.
E = everyday: service should be a part of everyone's day, if possible.

are you serving something other than your ego? just something to think about.


  1. Thanks for sharing! We've been talking with our girls about serving others and I think I'll share this with them.

  2. Terrific, Mare...very inspiring :)


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