i said it before and i will say it again....this world is in desperate need of Christ.  i know at least that i definitely am!

for everyone who is a Christian, we know what it's like to have Christ in our hearts, in our souls and in our lives.  if we are faithful, we "feed" on His Word daily, we pray daily, we teach His Word to our children, and we thrive on His Spirit that flows through us!

can you recall a time in your life when you didn't have Christ?  i can.  it was not pretty.  it wasn't all bad.  but it was not all good either.  i'm not saying that with Christ in my life, it's all good, mind you.  however, it's a whole lot better than it used to be.  for one thing, i don't have a fear of my future.  i know God has plans for me and that they are His good and perfect plans. i know that my future is secure in Christ and that one day i will see Him face to face.

how do i know this?  because He told me so...and He can tell you and everyone else too.
where can you find Him?  EVERYWHERE!  but mostly, you can read His Word and see for yourself.
do you know anyone who is not in Christ?  i do.  Do you think they are ready to hear about Him?  perhaps.

wait.  pray.  then act.  share your story...your testimony.  witness to someone in need!



  1. Hi Mare. Very wise words at the end there. I have written them down because I tend to not act at all. So if I wait, pray then act by sharing my testimony, I should have no fear.
    God bless
    ps: if God can use a donkey, I am sure He can use me.


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