not a total loss...

what a day it's been! i am both physically tired and mentally fried. if i get through this post without my head exploding, it will be a small miracle!
my day was suppose to start out in my quiet hour with God. but i ignored His nudging this morning because i was selfish and so very tired. i thought He wouldn't mind if i slept in one day, right?
well, that was not a good thing to do. i found myself clumsy, harried, and my mind going in several directions at once. i could not concentrate on one thing. i had several tasks going at once, with nothing completed.
i once thought myself a great multi-tasker. well today, it just felt chaotic to be going from one thing to the next. and even though some things were accomplished and other tasks completed, i still feel that today was wasteful to some extent (except for one very cool phone call, which i cannot elaborate on right now).

and when the boys came home, i was still feeling harried and lost and my mind was wandering. then Hank decided he wanted to get the boys new bikes. huh? can we discuss this first? nope...he decided it was time.
well, Stephen was almost knocking his knees on the handle bars, and Jake's bike was made of some supernaturally heavy metal that even i had trouble pushing up the drive off to Wal-mart we went.
we got great deals on 3 bikes for 3 boys and headed home again. they stayed out late to ride them, so everything else on our "schedule" was late by at least a half hour--dinner, homework, baths.
the boys finally got into bed at 8:05pm. WHEW! another day done. 

what was accomplished this day? well...a few things did get done as i go over this day in my head right now.
i washed/dried/folded & put away 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, and got the three seasonal clothes bins out to go through tomorrow; i completed the MOPS newsletter for April/May, and changed the sheets on the boys' beds. so, i guess today wasn't a total loss!

but tomorrow...i am going to listen and obey God's little nudge!


  1. Girl, you rocked the house today! Great job!!! And the bike part got me laughing out loud!! "supernaturally heavy metal" LOL!!!!!!
    I know it's hard to get up early, especially when you're exhausted, but I know you and you'll be back on track tomorrow.
    Love you!

  2. I think you got a lot accomplished. And I bet you had three happy little guys at the end of the day. But I do hear ya, missing God time can turn any day into "one of those days". Hoping today is a better one.

  3. Hi Mare. I enjoy reading your blog. Very down to earth. Its amazing how hectic everything seems when we dont spend time in His word and when we do, we cope better. 3 Boys, wow, that would frazzle the best of us with or without a quiet time! I have 2 teenage girls and I can barely keep track. God bless, TKT


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