the many women in my life...

there are many women in my three older sisters, my 3 remaining aunts, my MIL, my bestie who's moved away that i don't see or talk to much anymore (but i've come to terms with that), a handful of cousins, in-laws, the women at my church that i talk with on a "surface" level, neighbors, and of course many on-line friends.

lately though, there have been a few women whom i have come to know on a more personal level. women who are in Christ, strong, confident, submissive to their husbands, great moms, and are slowly becoming good friends.  i feel priviledged to be a part of their lives...their accomplishments, their struggles, their dreams, and sharing mine with them.

however, the most significant women in my life are gone now. my mother and my grandma Camille shaped me and molded me into who i am today...for better or worse. it's harder some days when i really just want to pick up the phone and call my mom to tell her a funny story about the boys, or ask advice regarding their schooling or health.  or call my grandma to ask about faith/prayer issues.  even though they have been with the Lord for 2 & 4yrs, respectively, i still miss them often.

now i suppose i will need to turn to the other women in my life to fill in those gaps.  it has been difficult in the past to do this because i didn't want to "replace" my mom or grandma.  now it seems a bit easier.  not the loss, but easier to seek out those other women in my life. i realize that i really need a replacement....that i cannot go through life without the close relationship of another woman, especially a woman who has Christ in her life. perhaps even an older woman, who can be a mentor to me.

yeah.  that's the kind of woman i need in my life.


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