good friday...

it seems like just an ordinary day in our lives...
the sun is out...the birds are singing...the flowers are starting to grow and bloom...
spring is here and new life has started...

yet, if we went back in time...say about two thousand years or so...what would we be witnessing?
the crucifiction, and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.
i cannot even imagine what He went through that day.  the persecution.  the scoffing.  the humiliation.  the beatings.  the pain.  and finally, death. 

it's incomprehensible to me how He endured all that for our sins.  and He took up that cross willingly!
wow! that's almost impossible to phathom!  He was nailed and hung like so many other criminals were in those times.  a criminal!  can you imagine our Lord being punished like some criminal?  unbelievable.
but that's what happened.  and we should all thank God that it happened!  why?
for those of us who are believers, we know why.  for those of you who read my blog and do not know why...well i will tell you...we should thank God that Jesus died on that cross for our sins so that we may LIVE!  Jesus took the sins of the world...past, present & future...and made Himself the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may be forgiven our sins and spend our eternal lives with Him in Heaven! 
isn't that amazing?!!!  God loved us soooooo much that He sent His only son to live, and then to die, so that we may live!  and if you believe all that, then you too can have eternal life also!
just cry out to God!  tell Him you know that you are a sinner and believe that He sent His only son to die on that cross for your sins, that He was buried and rose again, and that he ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father...then ask Him to come into your heart and forgive you.  that's all it takes.
simple isn't it?  yes, it's that simple.  you can do it right you read this.  then go tell someone!
and go to a Bible preaching church for more guidance...and start your new life in Christ.
it's time.  because time is running out...


  1. Hi Mare, great post. We should be grateful, thankful, awed, and humbled. Its as you say, that He would do this for us willingly...God bless,TKT


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