NAP time...

i think it's been about 3yrs since i've had a napping child...and about 5yrs since i've taken a nap myself!
well today, i was so exhausted and my bed looked so good with fresh sheets on it, i just HAD to jump in!
it might have been due to the last two sleepless nights, or my last two INTENSE workouts, or the fact that i was up at 5am to drive down to Albany to take my sister to her test, or perhaps because i didn't have my usual 3 cups of coffee by 1pm...whatever it was, i really needed that nap!
i couldn't fall asleep right away...i kept thinking of what i had to do: dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and thinking of what i could be doing instead: calling people or SCRAPPIN'...but finally sleep did come.
but i was rudely awakened by the telephone ringing.  it was just my sister thanking me for taking her to her test.
i couldn't get back to sleep. my nap was over.
it was sweet while it lasted.
now i sip my wonderful coffee *sip* *swallow* *smack* and a long


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