my facebook dilemma...

so, once again i decided that it may be time to take a sabbatical from fb and CPF. i started on ash wednesday (march 9th). it abruptly ended 2 days later. 
the reason for this sabbatical was to spend more time with God.
it wasn't to get more housework done...because i always get that done. no problem.
it wasn't to get more time to myself...because i really get more than enough of that, now that all 3 boys are in school all day.
it wasn't to spend more time with friends...because, well i don't think i want to get into that one just yet.
it was to get back in touch with my God.
2 yrs ago, i set out on a journey to read through the Bible. not just to get through it (once!), but to read it, and try to get something out of it. to get to know God's character, His true nature, and what that means for me and to me.
i am still struggling with finishing.  it's not that i don't want to, but the computer steals my attention...and before i know it, i've spent an hour on fb or other sites that i frequent.
i really need to put God first in my life.  but does that mean i need to give up everything else? i don't think least i haven't had any clear "order" to do so.
i don't want to give up on fb really has a place.  i keep in touch with my siblings, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, and of course my friends...both near and far.
i enjoy hearing about their days and looking at their pictures. and no, i am not a voyer. i truly have an interest in my family's and friends' lives, and want to be a part of it...even if it's only virtual. hey, if they didn't want anyone to read about their lives, or see their pictures, they wouldn't be on fb!
i enjoy reaching out when someone is in need, and places a request on fb--wether that be a prayer or a physical need.
i enjoy sharing my day and photos of my family to my loved ones.
i know it's not a replacement for real-life physical, face-to-face contact...but it beats nothing at all (which is what i would have if not for fb).
so my conclusion for my dilemma is to decrease actual time spent on fb, but not giving it up altogether.
because the reality is, that we all need to reach out, we all need encouragement, we all need some sort of contact with the outside world...and if fb fulfills a little bit of that, then so be it.
i am happy with my decision...for now.


  1. I'll be praying for you in this Mare! I hope that you are able to put in to practice all that you hope for. I really admire your self discipline. I tried to 'cut back' for many months before I knew that for me, I just had to quit.

  2. This is Jan H... Fb is all I have to connect to others, at times. Like you said, it's not the ideal way, but it's better than no connection at all. Mare, I would not know you at all if it weren't for the pc. And I know I was supposed to know you.

    There's this young lady at church...she left our church and we began talking on we are friends even though she isn't at our church now...she just left from visiting my house a while ago. What a precious diamand she is. And if it weren't for fb, I'd never gotten to know her. I would have just wondered what happened to her. She and I are going to start womens jail ministry soon at the local jail.

  3. thanks Lauren. i read your blog about it. i really understand where you are coming from.
    i'm just not ready to totally give it up. are so sweet! i am so blessed to know you! i will be praying for you and your friend in going into the women's jail ministry! what an awesome blessing that will be!

  4. I hear ya!! We've talked about this, and I can understand how you feel. You are inspiring me to add something new to my interactions on facebook...I'm going to encourage you (and others and myself) to be in the Word!! :)
    You are a treasure, Mare!!

  5. I totally understand your dilemma. I would not have many friends without facebook. Most of my friends (like you) are ones I have met online. In the craziness of life it is so difficult to connect with friends during regular hours. FB and blogging allows me to connect and catch up when I have spare time. Which tonight happens to be at midnight. I just finished my Psychology paper and decided to blog a bit.
    I enjoy your post on FB and reading your blog. I am glad you are not leaving.

  6. thanks Kristina! you are too my friend! are so right! thanks for the encouragement. i am glad to have you as a friend!

  7. Mare, I totally get what you're saying :) I love FB too! I am not doing it for a little while because it helps me to focus, and puts balance back in my life. I intend to get back on, but i don't want to be controlled by it :)
    looking forward to reading your posts!


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