it's a new day...

i was feeling sort of blue-ish.
mostly because this winter has been stalling it's butt to get out of town!
and because my diet has been horrible...
and my exercise routine is pretty much non-existent...
and because the pediatrician at the walk-in clinic missed Stephen's DOUBLE ear infection!
i just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep the day away!
but of course, as moms, we know that is almost impossible.
so onward we go...
but it's all good!  i got to snuggle with my middle child and have one on one time with him yesterday.
=) gotta look at the positive side of things.
Stephen rarely wants to spend time with's "daddy" that gets all of Stephen's time.
so i was basking in Stephen's attention =)
and today...well, today is a glorious NEW day! Praise the Lord for new beginnings!
yes! we can start anew each and every day!


  1. so glad you could have some special mommy-kiddie time :) those moments are special!

  2. thanks Esther! they sure are!

  3. They do get snuggly when they're not feeling well. I hope he's feeling better now.

  4. thanks Linda...yes, stephen is on his way to being healthy!


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