God's 6am wake-up call...

so, i'm sound asleep at whenever time in the morning, after a tossing, sleepless night.
my husband has gone to work, and the boys are still asleep...
it's 6am or 6:15am or 6:30am...whenever...
God's calling...wake up.  it's not a loud voice...it's not a big shove...just a softly calling voice...wake up.
i roll over and look at the clock.  ugh!  then pull the covers up and close my eyes again.
God's calling...wake up. still not a loud voice or a big shove...just a small soft voice calling..wake up.
i open my eyes and listen...no one is up.  i roll over and close my eyes once more.
God's calling...wake up.  no.  i don't want to get up. i'm tired. no on else is awake. why should i get up?
God's calling...it's now 6:40am.  no! i am NOT getting up!  i will wait for the boys to get up.

God's been giving me a wake-up call for the last month...am i listening?  well...i hear Him calling me.
but why won't i obey?  it's too early? or i'm tired? or i just don't want to?
all of the above.
there is a small part of me that wants to get up.  but the flesh in me stays in bed.
God knows this time of the morning is THE perfect time to wake up and spend some much needed alone time with Him.
so why won't i listen? 
i think i'm afraid of what He might show me.
i think i'm afraid of being obedient, and all that that entails.
i think i'm afraid that i might actually grow closer to Him.
whatever the rationalization is, i need to just get over it and WAKE UP!

is God calling you? Are you listening?


  1. I encourage you to listen and wake up! My morning time with God is the most precious thing to me. On the rare occasion it doesn't happen, my day goes completely downhill. People often ask me how I manage what I do and I have to give all credit to God and the time He spends with me in the morning. Without that boost, I could do nothing!

  2. thanks Darcy! i am going to start getting up!

  3. Enjoy those early moments, Mare! He'll say wonderful things to you :)

  4. How's it going Mare? Praying for you. (((HUGS)))

  5. not too well...please continue to pray for me!

  6. God has been calling me for a long time, but it wasn't until recently I actually handed over control and began to listen and obey. Now, I feel at peace that my feet are firmly planted on the correct path.

    I like to read the Bible in bed when the rest of the house is still asleep. A little bit of "the best of both worlds". =)


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