this is the stuff...

i love Francesca Battistelli's new song "this is the stuff!"  it really describes a typical day in the life of a mom.  being a mom is a wonderful, joyful, and sometimes thankless job.  i am enjoying my "late-in-life" motherhood.  i have no regrets. 

this year is starting out with a full calendar for the month of visits for Hank, orthodontist visits for Nick (who also is involved in KC club and chess at school), play dates, dinner dates, lunch and coffee dates, child sitting, tax prep, and MOPS.  and with all that plus the regular everyday business of meals, baths, church, bible study time and gym get the picture.
down time is very welcome in our home!

this weekend, Hank is off to the men's reload at camp of the woods in speculator, along with 84 other men from our church.  this is a good thing!  and so out-of-the-box for him.  he is really stepping out of his comfort zone and i am so proud of him. 

today i took the boys + 1 (my neighbor's boy) to go sledding at Schuyler Park.  what a tremendous hill!  but they all had great fun!  and even though January was a bit busier than i would have liked it to be, i am certainly looking forward to February...and the rest of the year.  yes, this is the "stuff" that life is made of =)


  1. What a great song! And that "wiped out" picture at the end is awesome! Still love all the happy faces too. :)


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