these are the hands of a 46yr old...

the hands that hold
the hands that pray
the hands that mold
my boys each day

the hands that take
the hands that give
the hands that make
my heart forgive

the hands that reach above
the hands that pry
the hands that love
and will someday die.

these are the hands of a 46 year old;
these are my hands.


  1. did you write this???? so very touching, mare! beautiful!

  2. yes K, i wrote it :) thank you.
    and thank you too mm! hugs!

  3. I love this! Now you have me staring at my own hands (that are in desperate need of some hand creme, poor neglected knuckles).

  4. this is a beautiful poem you have written. Your perspective in life is right on target. I can learn from you.



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