2011...nothing new for me

with all this hoopla of a new year, comes new resolves for many of us.  renewed hopes, renewed faith, renewed dreams , renewed lives.

in the past, i have made many resolutions myself...only to let myself down for not living up to them, or having to put them aside for others...which is not necessarily a bad thing.  it is what it is.  life.

while reading others' blogs, fb posts (& other venues for communication/social networking), i find it sort of disheartening that many have such wonderful aspirations for the coming year; while i have none.

i have no goals for my life, no goals for my family, no goals for my personal growth--spiritual or otherwise.  it seems i am complacent regarding the upcoming year.

and i am not sure that is a good thing. 

i suppose if i don't have any goals, i won't have any expectations.  therefore, i won't fail.  but not taking any risks to grow may leave me stagnant.  and i really don't want that.

so for lack of any real goals in my life right now, i will stay hopefull for a year of growth.  i will keep the faith, rest in my Lord Jesus Christ, and take heart in the fact that He has a wondrous life planned for me...wether or not i make any resolutions. 

here's to yet another year of life! 


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