twas the day before new year...

T’was the day before new year and all through the house…
Not a decoration was left hanging, and nowhere was a mouse!
The stockings were put away, for no one did care
That St. Nicholas had even been there!
The children were playing all happy and gay,
While mamma tried to put all the new toys away.
And daddy was working and mamma was stressed;
Because she hadn’t even showered, let alone got dressed!
When out in the yard there was such a clatter,
Mamma stopped what she was doing to see what was the matter.
Away to the door she flew like a flash,
Tore open the door and was out in a dash.
The sun on the snow in her eyes gave a glare,
While the boys fought over what their snowmen would wear!
Then what to her wondering eyes made her smile,
Was the cute little snowmen her boys made with the piles.
More rapid than reindeer she ran back to the door,
To grab her camera and take pictures galore!
"Now Stephen, now Jacob, now get to each one,
So I can take some pictures of the snowmen you’ve done!"
They were dressed all in coats and gloves and boots,
And their noses were red, their faces so cute!
And laying my finger on the button to click,
I took pic after pic after pic after pic…
And I heard them exclaim as I turned ‘round to go,
“But mom you didn’t even play in the snow!”




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