the reason for the season...

i look at the calendar, and my brain still cannot register that it's december!
tomorrow is the 4th already, and the calendar is filling up fast....with appointments, a baptism, birthday parties, and of course Christmas!

so why did i decide this month of all months to go to the doctor to address the pain in my right arm?? 
i have no clue! i could've just as easily waited one more's been bothering me since july for crying out loud!

the truth of the matter is, the pain has gotten worse and is creeping up my arm into my shoulder and neck!
and i need some relief so i can sleep at night!

anyway, back to december!  i cannot wait for Christmas! the most precious time of the year!
this year, all three of my boys are singing in the children's choir at church on Christmas eve! happy happy joy joy!  they are singing "angels we have heard on high."  awesomeness!  (that's my new go to word BTW)

to celebrate the Lord's birth is such an amazing time!  i dream of the day when my boys don't care about what's under the tree...but Who was nailed to a tree.  i know it gets old to secular people...but it never gets old to me:



  1. Can't wait to hear your boys singing! And I pray your arm feels better soon. Btw E is jamming the guitar and H is dancing to the music on your play list. =)

  2. awww! that's so cute! and i can't wait either!


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