our tree...

ever since Hank and i were married, we've had a real Christmas tree.
i used to love the smell of pine and the "green"-ness of it all...

so we continued the tradition when we had the boys.  when they were little, we had to put a gate around the tree to keep little hands from pulling the ornaments off, or worse---pulling the tree down!

as they got older, that became less of an issue...and then we discovered that Stephen was allergic to pine!
no wonder he got sick every year around Christmas!!  DUH!  plus, i was getting sick of the pine needles, the sap, and the every filling water trough!

so the year before last, we decided (at the end of the season) to buy a pre-lit artificial tree. it's only 3 pieces and comes out like an umbrella!  nice!  we got a great deal because it was a floor model and the end of the season.  so that's what we put up last yea,r and again this year.  i like it.  there isn't any pine smell, but i could always burn a candle! 

this year, as with every year, we put on the boys' handmade ornaments.  i love those personal touches!  we also have the store bought ones for the many "first" Christmases...but the handmade ones are my favs!
i even have a handmade ornament from my grandmother--precious!



and what tree would be complete without the amazing "SPIDERMAN!"

we had lots of fun this year decorating the tree, while listening to Christmas music.  it was a wonderful memory =)


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