Christmas weekend comes to an end...

Christmas weekend in our home has finally come to an end...
it all started on Christmas Eve with a visit to grandma Jill's house.  the boys could not wait to open their presents when we got there.  i didn't even have my boots off when they tore into their first gift--grandma's traditional home made pj's!  i love that each year, my MIL makes my boys new pj's!  it's something i look forward to. 

after the gift exchange, we had a lovely ham dinner, w/apple pie for dessert.  we visited for a while, and the boys got to play with some of their new toys.  then it was time to change into their good clothes for their choir debut at Temple Baptist Church.  i think i was more excited then they were!  all three of them looked so adorable in their white shirts and red ties!  black pants and shoes completed the outfit.  then we set out for Temple. 

the boys were to sing with the children's choir in the 5pm and the 7pm services.  they were the third song.
we stayed for the 5pm service. it was beautiful...and our very first Christmas Eve service at Temple.  we never had the opportunity to go to a Christmas Eve service in the past.  i hope we make it part of our Christmas tradition.  the boys were awesome!  the entire choir was in sync and sounded wonderful!  in between services, there was lots of food to share.  we brought veggie platters and dip.  before we knew it, it was time for round two!  i think it was better than the first!  after the children's number was over, we left to go to my niece Loretta's for a little get together.  another of our "traditions."  there was more food to eat, and egg nog to drink...a bunch of family and friends.  we ate, sang carols (including our 12 days of Christmas parody!), and opened gifts.  it was a blast! 
unfortunately, this may be the last Christmas Eve party at my niece's, because she and her family are moving to Florida. =(  i miss her already.

we got home after 10pm, and had to get the boys straight to bed!  'cuz "santa" had much to do!  Hank and i waited about an hour, then got the presents out of their hiding place and under the tree and into the stockings.  we didn't get to bed until midnight!  i was exhausted. 

we were awoken by 3 little "elves" jumping on our beds, nudging us yellling, "santa was here! get up! santa was here!"  i thought that only happened in the movies! LOL 
they were very excited!  we took our time and got coffee, then tore into the gifts!

it was a great morning!  after the gifts, we had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast...kilbasi, hard boiled eggs, and rye toast.
for the rest of the day, we relaxed, and the boys played.  they stayed in their jammies all day.  for dinner we had a nice roast beef with all the fixin's.  we gave thanks to God, sang happy birthday to Jesus, and talked about the true meaning of Christmas.  we ended the day with a family movie night, watching "the Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga'Hoole." 

the day after Christmas, we had tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Times Union Center in Albany.  this is quickly becoming a Christmas tradition for us as well!  we LOVE TSO!  we made a whole day of it, eating lunch out before the concert, and then dinner out after the concert.  it was a great day! and a great concert!  but i was so glad to climb into bed that night!

so our Christmas weekend comes to an end.  i think the boys had a wonderful Christmas and we are making wonderful memories.  and now...onto the laundry!  hahaha!


  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us! I love hearing about your family. It sounds like you all had a grand time.

  2. Seems like you had a great Christmas. I love the way they woke you up Christmas morning.
    And I'm with you on all the laundry that's left to do after being neglected for a couple of days. Man, do those piles grow fast or what?


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