resisting the urge...

we all get them...those annoying little urges to do things we SWORE we wouldn't do...or say things we SWORE we wouldn't say...or even SWORE we wouldn't become our parents!!

i have a battle going on right now!  resisting urges...i am resisitng the urge to SCREAM at my FIL because all he has to say about a completed project in this house is NEGATIVE; i am resisting the urge to SCREAM at the boys because they are being bold; and resisiting the urge to say, "because i said so!" like my mom did; i am resisting the urge to clean up every little corner of my home and organize every little niche because of my OCD and the need to be PERFECT; i am resisting the urge to facebook because i promised myself i wouldn't; i am resisting the urge right now to just LET IT ALL OUT because i am so stinking tired of living in this house and renovating and appologizing to my company because my dining room ceiling is falling down!  and i sometimes resist when i am being called upon by the Lord to be who He called me to be...

...a LOVING and JOYFUL mother; a LOVING and OBEDIENT wife; a LOVING and RESPECTFUL daughter-in-law. 

i have no strength or purpose without God in my life.  i am so very blessed to even be able to clean my own house; to be able to discipline my boys according to God's Word; to be able to converse with my FIL, who is wise in his age; to be able to watch my boys grow up in the house my husband grew up in and get to know their grandpa so well.

so i must RESIST these urges and PRAY for peace in my heart over all of these small things that have no room in my life...


  1. love you, mare!! praying for you...knowing you can't do it in your own strength, but in the One who has OVERCOME the WORLD!

  2. Amen Kristina! and thank you!

  3. time you you're here, look up! hahaha!


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