the Power of the Word of God...

today at MOPS, the speaker talked of the power of the Word of God. 
what really jumped out at me was that the Word of God was meant to be spoken out loud!

i for one, have a difficult time referencing the Bible in my daily life.  oh, i can look up a verse if given time, but rarely do i take a verse for what it's worth, and say it out loud to emphasize a principle of life. 

shouldn't i?  isn't that what God would want me to do?  shouldn't i be teaching that to my children?  of course!

recently, i printed out the 10 Commandments so my boys could see them, read them, and i could reference them when speaking to them about things such as love, obedience, honoring parents, stealing, lying, etc. 

but they need more.  i need more.  as a Christian family, and as Christian parents, it's our responsibility to speak God's Word OUT LOUD!  to recite the verses in the Bible that take meaning in our lives, and the lives of those around us. 

i read the Bible.  i meditate on His Word.  i pray.  i try to teach the principles of the Bible to my boys.  but yet i don't speak the Word, out loud, to my boys.  not on a regular basis anyway.  this HAS to change!
my boys need to hear God's Word so they can discern what is right and wrong.  God's Word is true and powerful.  they need to know that.  my boys need to be able to know God's Word, hide it in their hearts, so that they can someday teach their children. 

my boys are 1st generation Christians.  i didn't know Jesus as a young child.  i didn't come to know Jesus until i was 36 yrs old.  my boys have an advantage over me.  but i need to help them sew those seeds.  and as i help them sew, i will also help myself. 

SPEAK the Word of God OUT LOUD!  it's so simple, yet i have trouble doing this. 
Lord, help me to meditate on Your Word, hide it in my heart, and speak it to others who need to hear it!  in Jesus' name. Amen


  1. The great thing is your children will learn scripture much more easily than we can as long as they hear it!

    I grew up using (and we use with our girls) a family devotional called "Keys for Kids" ( There is scripture to read, a story, questions, and then a key verse. I'm amazed at how often my girls will take the key verse and put it to song and then remember it. The devotional is free, you just need to request it. We do ours after dinner, but I know people who do it in the morning or whenever works for them.

  2. thanks Darcy...i will look for it now!


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