giving thanks...

Ephesians 5:4 "let there be thankfulness to God."

as a child, thanksgiving meant traveling to my grandparent's house for a day of family togetherness, eating, drinking, laughing, talking...and non-talking!  what i mean by that my parents' children, you were to be seen but not heard; do not speak unless spoken to; sshhhhhhhhh!!! the grown ups are talking!  play a quiet game!  (i cannot even imagine my boys doing that!  LOL)

my grandmother and aunt always prepared a FEAST!  as most italian families do, we started with the pickle and olive trays, the pasta, then went on to the soup, salad, the main turkey dinner, and then dessert followed by expresso coffee (which was not given to the children, thankfully!).  this left everyone with huge bellies and sleepy eyes!  i have to say, my grandmother made THE BEST cream puffs EVER!  sometimes, we even had her homemade pizza as a snack before we went home for the evening.  it was GRAND!

i remember my grandfather praying over the meal, thanking God for His provision, and asking blessings over the food and everyone there.  as a girl, i really don't think i grasped the depth of gratitude that prayer expressed.  but as a woman, now with my own family, i can start to comprehend what my grandfather was thankful for, and what God has done for me and all who have faith in His son, Jesus Christ.

i cannot express in words what i feel in my heart...such thankfulness for God's provision for my family, for my salvation, for what God promises to those who have the littlest of faith.  i stand in amazement and awe at God's wonderful works that i have had the priviledge to witness throughout this past year; and hopefully will get to witness much more in years to come. 

in the words of Chris Tomlin:

"give thanks to the Lord, our God and King, His love endures forever;
for He is good, He is above all things, His love endures forever...
...with a mighty hand, and outstretched arm, His love endures forever;
for the life that's been reborn, His love endures forever...
...forever God is faithful, forever God is strong, forever God is with us, forever!"

what have we done to deserve this love? nothing! what can we do to repay this love? nothing!
just give thanks...and it seems like so little to give for so much that is given!

i thank God for my husband, my boys, my family of origin, my extended family, my home, my church, my friends, my neighbors, my sanity (HA!), my life.  i am nothing without Him.  i have nothing without Him.

Psalm 105:1  "give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness.  let the whole world know what He has done."


  1. Very well-said, Mare! Beautiful blog update :)

  2. Amen! God Bless you and your family this Thanksgiving and as we enter into this Holiday Season.


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