existentialism and facebook...

facebook has become "THE" mode of communication.  if you are ANYONE, you are "on" facebook.
it's been about 14 days since i have started my sabbatical from fb and CPF.  
sometimes i feel like i'm in a vacuum.  void of all friendship/relationships with people from the outside world.
i cannot believe how many people rely on fb to share their day to day news and other interesting tid bits.
i have received phone calls and/or emails from a handfull of my friends and family.  but it feels like i don't exist anymore.  hmmm...it really makes you wonder who cares about what's going on in your life and who just wants to "read" about it on fb. 
is it because they just don't have the time to type an email?  no...they are on fb typing! could it be that they don't have my phone number?  no...it's on my info page.  perhaps they just don't have time to pick up a phone?  i wouldn't think so, because they are still taking the time to fb.

so i ask you...if fb didn't exist, would anyone exist at all?


  1. awwwwww! i think of you all the time :) i didn't email anyone from FL, but i will email you this week for sure :)
    LOVED seeing you today...wish we had longer to visit!

  2. don't take this personally Kristina!! i know you were on vacation!! :)

  3. i agree. however, i love facebook, use it too often and dont really plan to change that. i do a lot of business on fb as well.
    once telephones became more popular, people stopped " stopping by" at their freinds houses. once email became popular, people stopped calling, once chat on aim beame popular, people stopped emailing, and now, we have txt, facebook and twitter.
    it really is CRAZY.
    there are only a handful of people that i will actually call. some i just txt. lol. some i only talk to on facebook.
    crazy world we live in.

  4. i understand the business end of it Brooke. and i am not saying that fb is evil or not to be used at all...on the contrary, it is a good avenue of communication. however, it is not the "be all, end all" of communication. what about those people who don't use fb?
    we cannot just sit idly by and forget they exist. what sort of Christian would we be then?

  5. I wonder about FB as well. Since I cut my FB list in 1/2, only 5 people have asked to be my friend again. The others haven't taken the time to even ask.

    As for you, I think about you every day! I pray for you during your sabbatical. I have thought about sending you an email to see how you are doing, but then Katie updates me on how you are doing and I neglect writing you. I apologize!

  6. no worries mm...it is just a general observation i have made over the last two weeks.
    i am actually at peace with it all :)


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