ABC's of gratitude...

a friend of mine is taking a 21 day gratitude challenge, which i have chosen to accept as well.
i am not posting every day of gratitude on my blog.  however, i thought this particular exercise was fun, so i am sharing it...feel free to write your own ABC's of gratitude :-)

A- Amazing grace.  i am so thankful for God's grace. it gets me through life!
B- Boys.  my 3 wonderful boys.  need i say more?
C- COFFEEEE!!!!  anyone who knows me, knows i love coffee!
D- Deliverance from the bondage of sin.  thank you Jesus!
E- Everyone that is, was, or will be a part of my life.
F- Father.  even though my father has passed away, his love for me and his wise words will always live on in my heart. 
G- God, the Father, who leads me and guides me through life.
H- awesome husband!
I- Indwelling Spirit.  to know that the Holy Spirit dwells within me, gives me a sense of peace.
J- Jacob.  my third son.  who has a very contagious laugh!
K- Kindness.  the kindness of many people around me, help me to see the good in this world!
L- LOVE.  may we all experience love in our lives!  there's nothing better!
M- Mom.  my mom passed away in 2009.  i still miss her and our cafe mocha moments.
N- Nicholas.  my first born son.  there will always be something special about your first born child.  Nick is so smart and funny.  he always brings a smile to my face.
O- One God.  One Love.  One Hope.
P- Power of Prayer.  nothing more to say.  just pray!!
Q- Quiet..."be still and know that I am God."
R- Redemption. 
S- Stephen.  my middle son.  what can i say about Stephen?!  he is so curious and wants to know every little detail of whatever he is interested in at the time.  he craves knowledge!
T- Truth.  i hunger for the truth.  i despise lying!
U- Unending love of God.  without it, i am lost.
V- Victory.  victory over sin and death through Christ Jesus!
W- Waiting.  yes, waiting.  i am thankful that i have to WAIT for God's perfect timing!
X- X-tra hugs from my boys!  i absolutely love when they come to me for yet another hug!
Y- Yaweh.  my Father in Heaven.
Z- Zippers!  hahaha! i am soooo thankful for zippers!  aren't you?


  1. This is great! I'm going to come up with my own ABC's of Thankfulness to post on my blog!


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