lost and found...

so i really want to post about our fabulous trip to Disney, but i'm playing catch up with laundry and house cleaning, and papers from school! UGH! and it looks as if i may have to go through the toys--AGAIN, not to mention the dreaded clothes change-over from summer to fall/winter!

but i just had to post about one thing in particular that occurred while in Disney.
we were visiting downtown Disney on our second day of vacation.  there were so many stores, restaurants, vendors, and lots of curiosity shops--all very distracting.

we were meandering through the courtyard, past the rainforest cafe...and turned a corner towards the center of the courtyard.  i had a hand hold on Jacob, and Hank had hold of Stephen...as i looked around to the side and rear of Hank, i couldn't see Nick!  Hank didn't see him either! oh no! PANIC set in! we LOST Nick!

my heart jumped in my chest! i yelled his name over and over.  then immediately re-traced our steps...back around the corner...and there, crying by a bench, was our dear, sweet 8yr old boy...thank you Lord! it was only a matter of minutes, but it seemed like a very long time to me. i just ran to him and held him close and we cried together for what seemed like an hour!

what was so encouraging about the whole situation, was that Nick actually remembered our many talks about safety at Disney.  we prepped the boys for such emergencies.  we told the boys if they got separated from us or lost sight of us, to stay put and wait either for us to return or for an employee of the park to approach them.  if neither of those occurred, they were to seek out an employee and tell them that they were lost. 

i am so very thankful that we found Nick and so fast!  i would never want to go through that again! but at least i learned that my boys do pay attention to me when i talk to them! 

so i encourage everyone to prep your children on what to do in emergencies! you just never know when they will use that information!


  1. I started crying when I read this...it is so amazing that you found Nick so quickly. Praise God!



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