a challenging month...

october is proving to be a very challenging month for me.

physically, i am becoming accustomed to working out, so my weight loss has virtually ceased.
i need to do something drastic to kick start my metabolism again.

emotionally, i am still dealing with losses....of loved ones, of friendships, of having Jacob in school all day, and living with my father-in-law.

spiritually, i am struggling with daily alone time with God and growing in my faith.  which shouldn't be a problem now that all 3 boys are in school all day...go figure! 

as a family, most every evening is occupied with homework, soccer practices, bible studies, and even family movie night.  soccer games fill our saturday mornings and sometimes go into afternoons.  it's getting more and more difficult to keep track of the goings on at school for 3 boys.  not to mention trying to squeeze in some fun family outings before the weather gets nasty.  for myself, my time is taken up with working out at the Y, cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry, and taking on a leadership role in crafts for MOPS this year. and i know i am forgetting something!  LOL!  my calendar runneth over! 

i'm going to be one very happy mom when soccer season is finally over, and our evenings and saturdays become our own once again.  but alas, it may not last for long as Hank wants the boys to start karate!  ugh! 

i am one tired and worn out momma!


  1. Wow, sounds busy! I'll be praying for the rest of your October, and November too, haha!


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