take a deep breath...

WHEW! what a month!!
one more week and it's done already!

and we're on our way to Disney!!  WOOHOO!!

this trip has been 5 years in the making.  yes, we have been saving our pennies (literally!). have you ever carried $700 worth of wrapped change to your bank?  i just did!  i thought the teller would absolutely die!  LOL! AND i still have more.

packing for a family of 5 to go to Disney for 5 days, when i don't know what the weather will bring, seems daunting. but i laid the groundwork.  i've packed undies, socks, jammies, shorts and T's.  i've decided only to bring one pair of jeans each, which we will wear there and back, one set of "nice" clothes for an expensive restaurant we plan on dining at while we are there, and a hoodie jacket for each in case of inclement weather.

so there.  almost done.  finishing up on laundry.  then finish packing.  personal hygiene items will most likely have to wait until sunday night to pack. 

 we are all so excited to go!  we've been waiting since march when we planned the trip!  the boys will have some make up work for school to do, but it will be worth it!  i hope we make some great family memories on this trip, and come home in need of rest!  LOL!


  1. SO excited for you!! take notes while you're down there...we're actually going on a surprise-the-kids trip to florida (thanks to my parents) in november! can't wait to see your pics and hear all about your adventures :)


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