The First Day of School...

so today was the first day of school. 
Nick is in 3rd grade, Stephen in 2nd, and Jacob in Kindergarten!
wow! saying that out loud and writting it really brings it home!

the summer went way too fast of course!  like every year, we have such expectations and anticipations of cramming it full of fun people, places and things!  we did a pretty good job this summer, but the best is yet to come at the end of this month when we go on our Disney vacation.

the morning started off pretty much like any other morning...getting the boys up, encouraging them to get dressed and eat breakfast.  but today i had 3 backpacks to get ready, 3 lunches & 3 snacks to pack! 

all three were really excited to begin a new school year, meet new friends (and for some, see old friends), and meet their new teachers! 
our school also underwent a HUGE construction project.  there is a new 2 story wing, a new gym & auditorium, a new playground, a new turf field, and new classrooms. 

i was excited for my boys, but a wee bit nervous for Jacob.  a little sad to see my youngest stepping onto that BIG yellow bus, and knowing another season of my life is about to begin, i was definitely feeling nostalgic.  i managed to hold back the tears as i watched my boys, one by one, climb those grooved, black steps onto the bus that would take them away for six hours.  it was especially heart wrenching to see Jacob manage the stairs so well, and not even look back!  WAH!
i stood and watched the bus go down our street and turn the corner...i waved, even though i knew my boys would not see me.

my saving grace today was that Hank was home with me to see our boys off.  it was very compforting to have him there.  we had a nice morning together, drinking our coffee and reminiscing about our boys.
we ran some errands, then decided to have an impromptu lunch date at TGI Friday's.  it was quite nice.

we made it home just in time to get the boys off the bus.  Nick and Stephen looked so tired.  but Jacob was ALL smiles!  he couldn't wait to tell us that he got his "clip" moved up to the gold on the behavior chart!  i was very impressed by that!  i think this was a first for one of the Rowinski boys!  LOL!  Hank and i were very proud of him. 

the school day was over.  but the rest of the day was still to be...with an early dinner, and soccer practice for Nick and Stephen, we were all exhausted come 8pm.  and now as i write this, trying desparately to keep my eyes open, but wanting to record this day while fresh in my mind, all is quiet...until tomorrow.

all in all, it was a good "first day of school."


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