VBS=Vacation Bible School.  it's one week out of the year; 5 days; 3 hrs/day.
that's really not all that long, right?  but what they squeeze into that week!  WOW!
today was the first day of VBS at Temple Baptist Church of Halfmoon. there were over 120 children, not to mention the crew leaders, assistant leaders, teachers, crew assistants, helpers, and other staff.  it's remarkable how well things go when you have capable leaders.  i am in awe.
i volunteered to work with the preschoolers again.  i helped out last year, and didn't have a good experience.  it was exhausting, and chaotic.  i did not want a repeat of that.
but i went in with an open heart and mind, and found it to be a bit more organized this year.
the children seemed to have a good time, the music was fun, the children loved "chadder" the chipmonk, & the craft was well thought out. however, the games weren't too exciting, and the children lost interest rather quickly. thank goodness for snack time!  LOL!
some of the "helpers" were really no help at all and just "took up space," and it was uncomfortabley warm in the main room. all in all, i think it was a good first day at VBS.  i'm actually looking forward to the rest of the week--and so are the boys! :-)


  1. Sounds fun! I hope it's a better year all round than it was last time :) Glad to hear your boys are enjoying it. I don't think we have anything like that in Australia.


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